Build Inspired, Compassionate, Mission - Driven Leaders

Over the past 30 years, I have been fortunate to work with high performing teams around the world. From my time as a cadet at The Citadel, 27 years as an Officer of Marines, and over 15 years serving as a speaker and business consultant for Fortune 100 and 500 clients, I have worked with all types of leaders. The great ones and the ones that achieve success in any organization exhibited these three traits:

They are Inspired and inspire their teams.

They have and demonstrate Compassion for their people.

They are Mission-Driven, linking tactical actions to strategic direction.



NEVER FORGET about your Plane Captains! NEVER FORGET about the people in your organization that make it run! NEVER FORGET to recognize and thank them for their efforts! NEVER FORGET to take a keen interest in their personal and professional development!
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In 2004, I left Active Duty as a Top Gun Fighter Pilot with the U.S. Marine Corps, joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, and ventured into the business world. For the next 13 years, I delivered keynote presentations to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients around the world. From Nice, France to Macau, China, I’ve spoken to groups as large as 6000, delivering an inspiring message on what it takes to lead high-performing teams.

Are you struggling with creating effective plans that link tactical actions to strategic direction?

Do your teams often operate in silos and miss the cross functional nature of business?

Are you repeating the same mistakes and yet expecting different results?

There are missing leadership components in all three of these questions.

My interactive presentations on Leadership Principles, Linking Tactical Actions to Strategic Direction, Cross-Functional Execution, and Organizational Debriefing provide solutions to these challenges and are customized to your market, your company, and your teams. Allow me to share what I have learned and experienced over the past 30 years leading top executives and millennials alike and let’s Build Inspired, Compassionate, Mission-Driven Leaders.


Hearing a great message is one thing. However, applying that message to your everyday business environment is something entirely different. Over the past 30 years, I have been learning, teaching, and applying the methodologies that Build Inspired, Compassionate, Mission-Driven Leaders.

As a Fighter Pilot and Business Professional, I have learned that nothing replaces experiential learning. In our workshops and consulting sessions, your teams will learn how to infuse the five Leadership Principles while simultaneously linking Tactical Actions to Strategic Direction, learning how to establish Consensus and Alignment, and sustaining a culture of Organizational Debriefing within your business environment. Allow me to work with your teams in their environment and take your teams to the next level.

Strategic Leadership Consultants


All of us need a mentor and a coach. Someone who is respected and can guide us through the organizational dynamics and challenges we face every day. A valued opinion to help us see the forest through the trees.

As an executive level coach, I have acted as a sounding board, supporting and guiding executive level decisions. Allow me to work one on one and together we will achieve the destination you desire and Build Inspired, Compassionate, Mission-Driven Leaders.