Patrick Houlahan

Men running and riding planes on the runway


Time, Money, and Hardwork There is a picture I show at the end of my “TOPGUN Lessons Learned” Keynote ...
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McDonnell Douglas FA 18 Hornet planes

What TOPGUN Taught Me (article 6): DEBRIEF

DEBRIEF Everything was and is important at TOPGUN.  How you prepared for a flight, how you delivered the brief, what ...
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A group of men posing in front of a plane

What TOPGUN Taught Me (article 5): Teamwork

Always has my back I’m going to be completely honest.  When I started writing “What TOPGUN Taught Me,” I had ...
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Two planes on land

What TOPGUN Taught Me (article 4): Tough Love

If You Don't Perform, You're Gone Have you ever been doing some you love with all of your heart and ...
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Figher Plane

What TOPGUN Taught Me (article 3): Humility and Honesty

Dedicated To Teaching As a student at TOPGUN, I had lots of questions.  I knew that we were at the ...
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Fighter Plane

What TOPGUN Taught Me (article 2): Dedication

TGIF It’s Friday night just past 9:00 pm and the nine members of my class are wrapping up our day.  ...
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What TOPGUN Taught Me (article 1): Purpose of TOPGUN

TOPGUN's Mission Statements “Gentlemen, you are the top 1% of all Naval aviators, the elite, best of the best….We’ll make ...
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What Can Leaders Do When The World Is Upside Down?

I’m going to put it bluntly: everything is a mess.  In the last two weeks, 10 million people applied for ...
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Strategic Leadership Consultants

Saving Private Ryan: Leadership Lessons for the Crisis and the Future

Crisis Leadership Like many of you, I'm catching up on my Netflix shows and re-watching classic movies.  One of my ...
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Strategic Leadership Consultants

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Leadership during a crisis.

While it’s debated on who said "Lead, follow, or get out of the way," it’s exactly what’s required at this ...
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